Grumpy and sick JoDavid:

My brother Mike and I agree. This Warriors team is the 80s Lakers with Dr. J–in his prime. 

Is anybody surprised that the 80s Lakers + Dr. J look unstoppable? I mean, really? This is anticlimactic. A 73 win team got the 2nd best player in the league. The Warriors are supposed to win. 

By 20. 

I think some people’s hatred of LeBron has clouded folks to how ridiculously good the Warriors are. They have arguably 2 of the top 5 players in the league on their team. 3 of the top 10. And 4 of the top 20. You put anybody up against the 80s Lakers and Dr. J, they are losing. Tell me somebody could have beat Magic, Worthy, Kareem, and Dr. J. These cats are shooting 35ft jumpers like layups. If the trend holds, then by the time the Warriors are done, Steph, KD, Klay, and Draymond will probably be in the Hall of Fame. Can’t say the same about Kyrie and Love tho…

How anticlimactic. Unless you are a LeBron hater or an avid Warriors fan, this Finals and playoffs has been some hot boo boo. This was not the Thrilla in Manila. I wanted Ali-Frazier III. 


It sucks being a fan of competition. 

And stop with the LeBron hate, Jordan fans. Jordan had to wait until Bird, Isaiah, and Dr. J got old to get out the East. Ain’t nobody beating the 80s Lakers + Dr. J. Stop lying. A superior team beats the superior player all day every day. That’s why Jordan could score 60 on the Celts and still lose. 

This is so anticlimactic. What did the Warriors fans expect? It took everything and history being made for the Cavs to beat a 73 win Warriors team in 7 games. What did folks think was gonna happen when you added the 2nd best player in the league to that team? And they’re playing a dude who is taking his 7th straight trip to the Finals?


Next year is gonna be even worse. 


I hope I’m wrong. I need 7 games. 

It’s a big gap between the NBA season and football season. And Serena ain’t playing in Wimbledon, soooooo……

©2017 M. J. Sales

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