This came after thinking through yesterday’s sermon, a New York Times article, and convos with my Dad and some of my friends…

“You want this kingdom? You’ve got to eat my flesh and drink my blood. You’ve got to make service, love, and humility be your nourishment. Your energy must come from a godly concern for this world and those closest to death. You must eat, swallow, and digest this flesh and drink this blood. You must eat reconciliation, faith, hope, and love. You must abandon your meals of death, greed, injustice, fear, and hatred. And you must eat the bread of life at a shared table where human division and injustice can find no quarter. For this meal must be shared and it must connect us to a living and loving God. If you participate in this sacramental meal, you can be saved. Eat and drink ye all of it together.”

Crowd (grumbling): “This is a difficult teaching. Who can accept it? I think we should take it and flip it and make it less spiritually and socially revolutionary and… I got it! Forget this shared table. That’s too idealistic. And eating flesh and drinking blood..? Dude. That’s gross. How about this? “Believe and you’ll be saved!” Also, we don’t like that “living God” thing… A living God upsets the status quo too much. We need God dead or trapped in a book or subjected to rules and regulations. It’s easier for us to manipulate this way. We’ll let death, books, and rules mediate God. Not table fellowship and meals. That’s too mundane and too dangerous.”

“That’s not what I said. You can’t distill a spiritual journey to a blurb or cliché. You can’t box in God… I said eat and drink together. I said God is a living God. I said that not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will…”

Crowd: “This is way more accessible. Quantity over quality. And by the way, we like our meals of death, greed, and division just fine. We can add your meal as dessert or appetizer–but never the main course. Thanks for the help though… we’ll take this good news to the poor and help ourselves to their share. Blessed are the rich for they get to have appetizers and dessert too! But woe to the poor, for their meal is only bread and wine.”

©2017 M. J. Sales

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