This site explores various topics like religion, life, politics, socioeconomics, sports, music, manga and anime, and pop culture from a theological, science fiction, critical, and (often) playful perspective. By critically reflecting on the interplay between the transcendent and the immanent, the mundane and the extraordinary, these Sci-Fi Theologs explore the precariousness and resiliency of life, and the ways in which our trust, hope, and love shape us and the world around us.

I am engaged in the struggle to inspire compassion, critical analysis, and resistance in the midst of injury, death, meaninglessness with an eye on the socially marginalized. Aided and supported by the Divine and my brothers and sisters–my words, research, preaching, and music seek to shed light on systems of injustice that create, conceal and, justify evil.

Each post will fall under six categories:

1) The Mundane, The Extraordinary, and the Theological

This section is the “flagship.” It contains the crux of what the site is about. Posts will be released at least twice a month.

2) Sermons

This section will feature either full sermons and excerpts. Released every Monday.

3) Random Sci-Fi Theologs

These short posts are miscellany and come out of random observations in everyday life, pop culture, sports, and politics.

4) This Thing Called Life

These posts might vary in length but consistently deal with the relational, existential, historical, and theological questions/experiences life offers.

5) Chakra, Ki, Reiatsu

Posts dedicated to my love of manga and anime, video games, and all things nerdy.

6) Jolowmight(x) Cervantes

Posts dedicated to my uncontainable love for music and my musical alter-ego.

7) Social Gadfly

Posts dedicated to social commentary.

Please feel free to give me suggestions for topics!

Who am I?

I my earned a PhD is Systematic and Philosophical Theology at the Graduate Theological Union. I’m an ordained Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and has self-published my first novel The Infinite Cycles of Qeauríyx: Awakenings and its accompanying soundtrack The Infinite Cycles of Qeauríyx, Volume 1. In November 2016, I released a second album entitled The Infinite Struggle [Can’t Won’t Don’t Stop] under the name Jolowmight x Cervantes. And I’ve taught courses at the community college, undergraduate, and graduate level.

Check the Social/Media page to find my published works.

Music Composer, Lyric Spitter, Theologian, Teacher, Preacher, Pastor, Scholar, Husband, Father, Friend, Social Gadfly, and BS Barometer

M. J. Sales/Jolowmight x Cervantes/The Sci-Fi Theologian

Faith Hope and Love

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