A brief meditation: When Jesus met Bartimaeus on the side of the road after the latter cried out for mercy, the crowd tried to shut him up. Don’t be like the crowd. When Jesus faced Bartimaeus, he does something we often overlook. Jesus asks Bartimaeus what he wants. Jesus doesn’t paternalistically assume and talk over Bartimaeus. Neither does Jesus override Bartimaeus’ agency and shatter his dignity. Bartimaeus makes his request… I often think of that story, because those who follow Jesus sometimes immediately 1) think we have the answers to people’s cries for mercy (which erases their dignity); 2) override folk’s agency by telling/giving folk what we think they need; and 3) we routinely shut folk up who cry out for mercy… Follow Jesus. Hear the cries, give folk their dignity/agency, and ask people the question, “what do you need?” instead of assuming we know the answer. Help me, Lawd, to not forget this example.

Faith, Hope, and Love

©️ 2022 MJ Sales

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