One of the things we are witnessing is the truth, no matter how these folk try to hide or what Scripture they use to justify it: The God of Jesus Christ is not some of these folk’s god and never was.

Like always, though the characters change, this is what Jesus says to our generation: not everyone who says “Lord” or does deeds of power in Jesus’ name worships God. And they asked: Lord, when did we see you naked, harmed, imprisoned, sick, hungry and didn’t do anything for you Jesus? When did we harm you because you were naked, hurt, imprisoned, sick, and hungry? When did we see you on the auction block and Sojourner cried the tears of a mother, but we sold her child and ripped her family apart anyway? When did we see you as a child in a tumultuous world you did not create and we broke what little bonds you had left?

“Your scripture and confession mean nothing,” says Jesus. “As surely as you did it to the ones you don’t care about, you did it unto me—because—what you do and don’t do to/for those who are “beneath” or not like you show me who you truly worship more than a confession or scripture quotation ever will.”

Those with ears hearts, let them feel. Those with spirits, let them meditate.

©️2018 M. J. Sales

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