Because apparently, a prayer breakfast is the place to 1) not ask for prayer; 2) give honor to yourself; 3) lambast others for backsliding ratings; and 4) tell the congregation around you that YOU will fix the world’s problems. Uhm, ok?

Idolatry is real.

It saddens and quite frankly, infuriates me not that the president said these things, but that some religious folk do not care. I’ve said on this blog that Spirit and Religion tap into the theologal, or ultimate. Spirit and Religion bind us to those realities/things that we ultimately trust in, hope for, and love. 

This is an unveiling.
America, unveil thyself.

Those who claim we love God… we are being sifted like wheat.
Those who truly love power and fear are being unveiled. 

Emperor Darth Sidius told Luke, “An entire legion of my troops await [your friends]. Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.”

It’s easy to make it about the emperor. But this isn’t solely about the emperor. It’s about the deflector shield and the troops. The deflector shield and the troops protect the Death Star and the Emperor. And some are the deflector shield who justify and lie to protect the idol. And others are troops who will kill to defend it. 

Faith, hope, and love… in these tempting and tempestuous days…

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