I wanted to resume the blog today, but I been keeping my 17-month old today and she done learned me a thing or three… I draw on anything for inspiration. So here’s what I’ve learned in the midst of the mundane. 


1) Sucking fingers is hereditary. 

2) A genuine smile filled with baby teeth goes a long way and soothes the soul.

3) One of the worst smells I’ve encountered = hot boo-boo from a giddy toddler. 

4) My daughter knows waaay more words than she can pronounce. 

5) Gaurd your grill. 

6) No means no. Or smh = no = NO, and I ain’t gone tell you again, Daddy!

7) Love is an action, not a noun. It cannot be taught. It can only be given and received. 

8) Letting kids play and problem solve by themselves is important. They’ll come back to spit in your face soon enough. 

9) Even though I’ve been on a hiatus with this blog and missed blogging, life never stopped.

10) I was once this young. Parenting, social context, environment, and community (or lack thereof) are real. 


Faith, hope, and love…

I’m back at it…

©2016 M. J. Sales

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