Why compassion? Because I carry an incarnational theology. No point in me denying that. Incarnation = being-living-feeling-hurting-happening-laughing-suffering-rejoicing-weeping-chilling-dying with those one “shouldn’t” be able to relate to because they are “radically other”…

Yet this Mystery reaches out to us over and over again… I dare not seek to name that which is unnameable but remains eternally and temporally compassionate. Nothing wants to be alone. Even black holes.

Why compassion?

I shall answer in the words of Capt. Benjamin Sisko:

“If you have to ask why, you’ll never understand…”

Too many of us are hooked on Ketracel White and are the agents of Founders who see us only as slaves and soldiers (See a Star Trek DS9 wikia if you need it).

Those who have ears let them hear. Let the reader and Trekkie understand.

It’s incarnation that says that the Founder(s) would never ask you to do something they themselves wouldn’t do. It’s Incarnation that says, “I’m not above you or beyond you; more than anything, I’m with you.

Let the spiritual and woke understand…

Incarnation is real!

Let us be the emissaries of Compassion Incarnate.

Faith, hope, and you know the rest…

©2016 M. J. Sales

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