My oldest daughter assaults me with this question everyday. My youngest daughter tries to to ask this question but at 15 months, it doesn’t exactly come out so clear…

As I watch her shelling peas with my mom, I’ve come to realize that the power of imagination is not just the power of fantasy, but the power to maneuver and wrestle with reality.

Calvin would often use this imagination to escape class and Miss Wormwood. But sometimes he would employ this power to struggle with some of life’s toughest questions.

The struggle is not the choice between reality and fantasy. The struggle is to accept the challenge of the real and still somehow use the best of our imaginations to work for something more holistic.

So daughters, keep dreaming. But keep a compassion that allows you to feel, think, live, cry, and laugh with this world.


Cuz this world will give you all kinds of days. And it’s good to have a Hobbes to keep you honest, whether he’s real or stuffed. Pass that on, my dears. Pass that on.

A beach has countless grains of sand; yet all are original. Always remember that the world doesn’t have to exist the way it does even as you live in it the way it exists.

When you all learn how to read, I’m passing on my Watterson collection to you. May it inspire you as it inspired me.


Because passing on things that bring life and laughter is better than passing on enmity, death, and misery.

I’m watching my oldest and my mama shelling peas.

The best is yet to come….



Faith, hope and love….

©2016 M. J. Sales

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