Piccolo is one of my favorite anime characters. As a Namekian, he has the ability to fuse with other Namekians, absorbing their strength, experiences, weaknesses, and ki. Ultimately, Piccolo fuses with his true, other half, Kami, and becomes a Namek who has long forgotten his real name. The Japanese version of “Namekian” is “Nameksejin.” The Nameksejin is a name that conveys these multiple “hats” or sides found in one person. Unlike other posts, I don’t make the effort to parse which side of me is speaking.

“I lost my way, cuz I didn’t write what they wanted me to say, so Cervantes gave in for an ‘A’… Sold my soul for a letter, for a PhD… Never again will I turn my back from what I saw in Alabama, and not be proud of the grammar that I speak… I’m so weak…”
–“The Inner Conflict” by Jolowmight(x) Cervantes

I wrote those lyrics in 2003. At the time I was critically reflecting on my life as I matriculated through Harvard. But these lyrics were also a warning to me and maybe to you.

How many times do we let institutions and people–even the ones we love and respect–rob us of our heart (feeling), mind (thinking), body (doing), and spirit (interrelatedness)? How many times are we more concerned about the approval of others than being true to ourselves? How many times have we given into “things”?

My grandfather used to say: “To thine own self be true. Everybody has a full time job, minding their own business.”

That’ll preach.

Being true to oneself and being selfish are not the same.

Being true to ourselves and disregarding others are not the same.

The “truth” my grandfather spoke of was synonymous with critical honesty. Be critically honest with yourself. Before we start anywhere, truly reflect on ourselves, our motivations, our blind spots, our strengths, your shortcomings. Not because everything is my fault or in my control, but I need to be honest how I’m relating to things/people. In order to not sell my soul (for whatever reason), I need to be honest with myself. I’m still learning…

But how many times, since I penned those lyrics, have I given in for an “A”? How many times did I turn away and not be proud?

Am I the only one?

The temptation/pressure to (metaphorically speaking) “give in for an A” will be with us forever. It’s an infinite struggle…

Brothers and sisters, let us be honest with ourselves. Self-deception, self-avoidance, self-hate, unbridled selfishness, and self-aggrandizement are the tools of the anti-Kingdom.

May the Spirit of Love and Honesty convict and empower us socially, personally, ecologically, and cosmically…

Chakra, Ki, Reiatsu

Faith, Hope, and Love

©2016 M. J. Sales

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