I think I’ll call that pic “Father, Son, and Mouseka Spirit”

My oldest daughter loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…


Not to mention, I’ve never been able to get past the fact that Goofy is anthropomorphic and Pluto is a dog. That really rubs me the wrong way for some reason. I mean, what’s up with that?!?

I know! I know! It’s make-believe. Oh well…

On that show, the characters inevitably get to a point where they need some special assistance and call for Toodles, a self-aware Mickey Mouse emblem that delivers Mousekatools. However, Toodles can only be stocked with Mousekatools after Mickey Mouse sings a ditty… Yes, Donald. Why is it always about Mickey?

Mousekatools are miscellany that can range from the practical, creative, to the downright fanciful, but on every occasion, they allow the story to progress by giving the characters a way to solve a problem.

The second month of this blog is in the books, and unlike the first, I was writing under duress a little more than normal. There were a few occasions when I wondered if I could continue to post 2 times a week. The posts themselves became Mousekatools–some fanciful and others mundane and unimaginative–but these tools allowed to the blog keep on telling its stories.

This past month, I’ve continued my weekly sermonic posts by focusing on faith, hope, and love and the ability of theology/religion to justify suffering under the slightest of pretense.

Clearly, I was feeling very familial because this month featured blogs and references to my oldest brother, my sister, my mom, and my dad.

If you couldn’t tell, 1995 was a watershed year for ya boy. My crew received the Black Man Head Nod from Booker T that year. Dr. Bonner enlightened me that year. My middle brother introduced me to Goodie Mob and freestyling that year. My sister was born that year. I found the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly phonograph that year.

I also have begun a series on Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black Prophetic Imagination. Parts One and Two are available now. I have decided that twice a year, I will do a longer and more thorough analysis of an event, topic, or idea over a three or four week period. My hope is to produce a “scholarly lite”/”diet academic” reflection of substance for my readers to reflect and chew on.

I’ve also decided to blog some of the random thought exercises/ramblings that materialize in my mind like this one. And my love for Pulp Fiction, sports, and religion continue to produce a strange alternate timeline that allows Marsellus and Butch to continue their conversation… Also, be prepared for a new series in Social Gadfly called, “This Is Some Repugnant $h!t” in the irreverent key of Jules Winfield.

Moving on…

Now that I think about it, 1995, like this blog, was a Mousekatool. In those 365 days, in the midst of the mundane, I encountered situations and people that opened my personal narrative up to new ideas and adventures I never dreamed were possible. These situations and people gave me tools to navigate through life, enjoy life in the midst of the mundane, and recognize the extraordinary gift of life, love, and creativity. ’95 had some bruisers for days too, days of which I shall not utter here. On those days, no matter how many ditties were sung or how many times I called out “O Toodles,” there were no Mouskatools to be found. I began to learn that though many situations in life can be fixed, some situations can only be endured.

But life is this mixture of ups and downs… O courage our souls, and let us journey on…

Gohan, this is Toodles; y’all is just gone have to make amends….

To all those who have taken the time out to read, follow, and share this blog with others, I am very thankful and appreciative. It is not an easy thing to put one’s ideas out in the ether of the Internet–full of trolls, apathy, and black holes. But perfect love casts out fear…

Perfect love–that’s the best Mystery Mousekatool we could ever have.

© 2016 M. J. Sales

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