I’ve been unable to summon a response coherent, nuanced, compassionate and blistering enough to respond to last week’s events. 

The sermon tomorrow though…

Last week I preached from Matthew and have been haunted by my sermon. 


I’m coming from Mark. I still don’t know what I’m going to say and I know that words alone are not enough, but still we must speak. 

Truly, the first words experienced are spoken and not written. So sorry, blog… It’s coming from the pulpit…

All I can say is that we are possessed by a legion of demonic forces… And the nation is as unwilling as the Gerasenes were in receiving the kind of exorcism we need. Because many folks associate demons with ghoulish creatures, while other modern minds feel “the demonic” is a superstitious construction of the unenlightened…. Neither understand the depths of how the spiritual influences our interactions with the world and each other. Spirit is the realm of ultimate, not the realm of immaterial.

The ancients used terminology consonant with their culture to express this timeless reality….

Well, tomorrow…

Faith, Hope, and Love

M. J. Sales

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