It’s late. Everybody is asleep except me. And my body is yelling at me to join them. But I cannot go to sleep. I must continue to render these songs. I started on this project 6 years ago and I haven’t completed it yet. This album must be released. I’ve not been able to make any new music because of it.

It’s late. This album should’ve been out by now. But life does what it does and so does fear. Fear will not only make you late, it will cause you to never show up.

It’s late. And it’s not even fashionably late. I knew I could make it sound better so I plunged myself into audio engineering. I read articles, instruction manuals, watched YouTube, wanted to break my headphones, realized you should never mix with Beats, wondered if I was wasting my time… But the music just won’t leave. It’s been in me since I saw my Dad play on the piano, since I played Song Flute in 3rd grade, since I got my alto in 6th, and Brenda Leigh (my tenor sax) in 8th.

It’s late. But so were the nights i spent freestyling with my brother, Maximum, my cousin, Robert Jr… Chad and TJ (Sean never did like freestyling but he loves him some music though). Long nights… Freestyling with 3935 in St. Mikes and the LLC. Longer nights still with my partner, my iron, my inspiration, my favorite MC, my friend, the lyrical and poetic rapper, Loc Vader… Those nights were late, and though I normally went to sleep early, I would don my Bruce Lee Shoes, take a swig of Sprite, and give our six or seven instrumentals THAT WORK! Jolomite was in the building. It’s late like me, Magenta, and Mimi singing and spitting over a microphone… And the studio became my home… Yeah, it’s late.

It’s late. And I spent too many late nights tinkering with MTV Music Generator and Malcolm’s four track MD system… ProTools… FL Studio 8, 9, 10, 11, and now 12… This will be released…

It’s late. But this was never for fame or fortune, though it would be nice if this helped me keep Navient off my back…

It’s late. But this is for Love. This is for Life.

And it’s never too late for them…

9 songs rendered; 9 to go…

It’s gonna happen…

Now I can go to sleep…

Trust in Love, Hope for Life, Love Love

©2016 M. J. Sales

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