Long post in the voice of Captain Obvious… In advance of the NBA Finals, and given my proclivity to post innumerably during the playoffs…

1) I am a Laker fan for life. And we stink right now. Sooooo… Yeah. Ultimately I have no stake in this finals. But I’m pumped.

2. I am a big LeBron fan, but not an apologist. I appreciate great players, even when they’re on opposing teams. However, I cannot stand “LeBron polemics.” I ain’t got time for that hate like I ain’t have time for folks’ hate on Kobe.

3. The Warriors are my “second” team. I always try to support my hometown (wherever that was). Exceptions: I could never and would never root for the Celtics when I was up in Boston, though I became an avid Red Sox fan. And I’ve hated the Patriots ever since they robbed the Raiders in the snow. TOM BRADY FUMBLED!!!! And I just couldn’t bring myself to support the (S)aints (Ditka was the coach/Ricky Williams was the running back/No Limit was releasing albums every week).

4. I love competition more than anything else and I hate blowouts unless Bama is destroying all things Auburn. I also want this series to go seven, cuz the space between basketball season and football season is a depressing time for my sports side…

5. My wife is under the dryer and both kids are asleep… so apparently this is the best opportunity to post on my blog in a long time, resulting in overcompensation and run-on sentences. Who used to read my long soliloquies anyway? I’m so self-absorbed and remain a slave to rhetorical digressions. That must be why I wanted to write a dissertation. (See what I did?)

This is called putting cards on table and setting up context prior to the avalanche of posts to come. (Unlike those secret Jordan worshippers who continue to maim and meme Lebron in order to please their sports god. Sigh. As a theologian and sports fan, I find that repugnant.) I will have more to say on this….

Faith Hope & Love Y’all
(c) 2016 M. J. Sales

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